Built in the 1860’s by Alexander McNab, Athol Place was named after McNab’s home town of Blair Atholl in Scotland, and was originally designed to be three Colonial Georgian style terrace houses.


The property has had a number of uses over the years, ranging from doctors’ consulting rooms, Brisbane Girls’ High School boarding house and in the 1920s was converted into 6 apartments.


In 1979 Doctors Herron and Cohen reinstated the exterior of the property and refurbished the interior creating consulting rooms, a reception area as well as accomodation upstairs.


Athol Place was added to the Queensland Heritage register in 1992 due to its significance as an example of one of the earliest stone terraced houses in Brisbane, and is one of the few surviving original residential buildings left along Wickham Terrace. Most two storey terrace houses in Brisbane were built in brick or timber, the stone construction of Athol Place makes it a unique example of Brisbane’s history and architecture.